Sketch are delighted to sponsor Corenet Health & Wellbeing Roundtable Event

25 Sep 2019  |  Worktech  |  Tech  |  Productivity  |  Innovation  |  Design  |  News

Landlords and Occupiers share a common objective: creating and operating healthy, productive workplaces that enable office owners and occupiers alike to thrive.

Despite this, a recent BCO research highlights that these common goals and drivers are not sufficient to achieve acceptable levels of Health & Wellbeing in the workplace and that Tenant and Landlord must joint forces to achieve better results.

Sketch are proud to sponsor Corenet’s breakfast roundtable event, which brings together leading landlords, developers and occupiers from across the CoreNet Global UK network to explore strategies that both landlord and tenant can utilise together to succeed.

The event is taking place on Wednesday 9th October at 08:00am at our client’s facility HB Reavis’ HubHub facility at 20 Farringdon Road in London.

Speakers include: Stephen Skinner, UK CEO for HB Reavis; Will Esplen, managing director of global real estate and workplace strategy for Deloitte; James Pellatt, director of workplace innovation for Great Portland Estates; and Kevin Chapman, director leasing and origination for Lendlease EMEA.

We are looking forward to the event and hearing experts, including Deloitte, one of Sketch’s largest client, discuss Health and Wellbeing issues in the workplace.

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