Furnishing your brand for success

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Creating the stage for the story of your brand

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We’re experts in matching your furniture with your objectives.

It’s not just a desk. It’s someone’s memory of their first day at work. It’s where you landed your largest project yet. It’s where your extraordinary team elevates your business; every day.

We treat office furniture as an extension of your brand. It’s the personality that makes your staff look forward to work and is a reflection of your culture, attitude, and aspirations. Office furniture facilitates achieving your goals in its look, feel, and function.

Your furnishings are the stage on which your brand story occurs, so they need to set the scene visually and function efficiently. They need to complement your day-to-day operations without taking over the space. We know exactly what to bring to your workplace when it comes to furnishing.

Instilling your essence in your space

Furniture that co-exists with your people and creates an environment conducive to success.

Why choose us

for workplace furnishing?

We see your workplace furniture as more than just tables and chairs.

We don’t limit ourselves to one way of working. Whether you’re seeking new avenues of innovation or a more traditional approach, we’re poised to adapt. We combine tried and trusted industry techniques and principles with our own ways of working and adapt ideas based on your unique situation.

Your brand doesn’t simply occupy its space. It comes to life in it, working in synergy with all the elements around it. Our choice of furniture and how we introduce it to your space reflects your brand’s identity, personality, and desired market position.

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How does it work?

Got questions?

We have answers.

Choosing to work with Sketch Studios is making an eco-conscious choice. Sustainability is at the core of our values. We aim to responsibly source furniture and materials from suppliers that respect cradle-to-cradle principles and waste reduction. We also aim to reduce waste at our project's source by reusing and repurposing furniture and parts where possible.

We promote collaboration in all our projects, which means working with you to bring your ideas to the fore and use our expertise to make them a reality. We’re professionals in workplace consultancy and can use our skills to help us understand what you want from workplace furnishing. We’ll offer ideas and suggestions to tease out your vision, even if it’s not fully formed just yet.

There are so many elements that delicately interplay in workplace design. We always consider your brand and culture, budget and programme. Applying these factors to the physical, we assess acoustics, natural and artificial light, open-plan vs. closed spaces, colour, texture, brand guidelines, zoning and wayfinding, and so much more. The list is endless for any furnishing project, and each is unique to the client.

No project is too small for us to turn our hand to. We approach every client requirement with enthusiasm and a fresh pair of eyes, offering the intimacy of a boutique consultancy no matter your requirements with our holistic end-to-end approach.

Laura Dedman

Laura Dedman
Project Coordinator

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Chloe Howe
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Vaneesha Allison
Project Coordinator

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