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Office Refurbishment

Inspired spaces begin with bold choices

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A fresh approach for a change of scenery

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Refresh, reimagine, and remember why you love your workplace.

You remember where you first started your business. It might have been a kitchen table or a spare room (if you were lucky). It's incredible how far it's come. Office refurbishment is the next step in the evolution of your business. We change the scenery, the atmosphere, and the experience to reflect where you are today and how far you've come.

Office refurbishment is the perfect solution for any business that wants to increase ROI, or that wants a more environmentally conscious workplace turnover, or that simply wants to amplify its brand identity with an injection of energy. 

We see the potential in any space. Our office refurbishment process allows us to actualise that potential, working with what you already have to bring it up to the level of quality you deserve. From fundamental aspects like new electrical wiring allowing for better connectivity to a fresh lick of paint that optimises light dispersion, an expert touch can be eye-opening.

Find the lost potential in your space

Redesigning outdated, tired spaces to remove barriers keeping you from achieving great things.

To us, refurbishment is more than functionality

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We’re always looking at the finer details within the broader picture.

At Sketch Studios, our expertise runs deep. We've access to a rich and diverse industry experience and skills pool. This means we can get your project planned and implemented quickly, smoothly, and with a keen eye for the details that make a difference.

Introducing our innovative office refurbishment service—dubbed Sketch Works. We transcend conventional boundaries, crafting solutions that harmonise efficiency with adaptable design, ensuring enduring functionality. We lay the groundwork for future aspirations and triumphs, shaping spaces for goals and achievements yet to be realised.

Step into your new

workplace with confidence

We lead office refurbishment with a collaborative spirit.

Our cooperative mindset sets us apart from other refurbishment professionals. We understand that the heart of your business needs to beat in your new space, not get lost in translation. Instead of leading, we guide. We get to the root of your business and what keeps it alive. We apply our expertise to your vision, offering our recommendations for insightful change until we come to a mutually agreed plan.

And you can trust us to execute that plan with swift efficiency, seizing the opportunities we find along the way to produce breathtaking results.

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How does it work?

Got questions?

We have answers.

The most important part of any project is ensuring you’re completely happy with the result. Any features of your old workplace that you want to retain can be incorporated into your new design. We can do this seamlessly, making the whole interior greater than the sum of its parts.

Many clients that approach us for workplace refurbishment see the merit in reusing what they already have as a sustainable means to improve their workplace, and we couldn’t agree more. Sustainability is one of our most precious values at Sketch Studios.

We align all of our processes with sustainable principles. Recovering and repurposing existing furniture and materials, ethically sourcing supplies that minimise waste production, and incorporating energy-conserving systems into our designs are just the tip of the iceberg.

We have numerous techniques to ensure your refurbishment stands the test of time—both in aesthetics and function. We craft spaces using our extensive design insights and creative eye to give them a graceful quality that lasts as long as you need it to.

We combine visual design principles with intelligent, adaptive features that ensure the longevity of a space that can grow and adapt with you.

A refurbishment project can cause some disruption as your team transitions to a new space and gets used to it. Thankfully, we’re professionals who’ve been carrying our refurbishments since 2006. We’ve refined our process so that it causes as little stress to your business as possible with numerous tactics to reduce disturbance. We’ll formulate a plan with you beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

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David Chiverton
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