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Backing our ethos with B Corp status.

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It’s an achievement that aligns with our fundamental values and beliefs.

Social sustainability, accountability, transparency, and environmental performance are at the core of what we do and how we approach our work. As a B Corp certified business, we’re part of a group of like-minded brands working towards a better future.

Being part of this community means we’re greater than the sum of our parts, collaborating, sharing ideas, and contributing knowledge towards a shared goal.

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What is B Corporation?

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B Corporation is an international certificate demonstrating a for-profit business’s commitment to social and environmental performance standards.

As part of Fourfront Group, Sketch Studios has made a legal commitment of accountability to stakeholders and shareholders, passed the rigorous B Impact Assessment (BIA) (showing excellent social and environmental performance), and displays its performance on its B Corp profile.

We’re proud of our B Corp achievement and how it helps us build trust and integrity while we create a pathway towards a happier world.

Got questions?

We have answers.

We had to undergo a stringent process that audited our inner workings, objectives, and values. Assessments evaluated our impact on the environment and people, as well as third-party organisations like those in our supply chain and contractors we work with. We submitted extensive detailed documentation, which the independent B Lab verified to determine whether we met high-performance standards.

Our most valued objective as a business is using our power as a force for good, and this aligns with the values of the B Corp certification. This certification means we've been verified to meet B Lab's high-level, independent social and environmental impact standards. We've made a commitment to our stakeholders, ourselves, and everyone we impact so that we're held accountable to incredibly high standards of performance, which further motivates us to strive for a positive impact on the planet through our work.

Being B Corp certified means we've entered a framework of continuous improvement. Sketch Studios is subject to regular audits and assessments, such as the B Impact Assessment for the environmental impact, which are carried out every three years to ensure we always meet B Lab's standards. Our performance is publicly available at all times on our B Corp profile to prove that we consistently uphold our values.

Our B Corp status indicates a level of commitment and trustworthiness to our clients in that we're accountable for our impact on all those we affect in business. This includes our clients, their people, those in our supply chains, and the communities we impact. Through our B Corp status, we've made a commitment to stakeholder governance which is an alternative to shareholder primacy (the doctrine that prioritises profit above all else). Instead of driving inequity and disparate social interests, we promote stakeholder governance which aligns with our commitment to all those involved: staff, customers, clients, contractors, and communities.

Our social and environmental sustainability goals, wellbeing, and positive change exemplify our B Corp status and are a fantastic signifier to potential clients that we have their best interests at heart and align with their values.