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Seeking a workplace transformation? You only need one team.

We're the holistic workplace experts, blending furniture consultancy, design, furnishing, refurbishment, and relocation into one unified experience.

We’re a dynamic team with a full-service approach ranging from consultation, where the conception of your space’s potential begins, to the finishing touches that make the place feel like your workplace home from home.

Spearheaded by collaboration since 2006, we bring our projects together with ease, thanks to the synergy between our diverse teams of in-house specialists, from creative designers to logistic project managers.

What makes us tick?

We're masters of workplace transformation, making your team feel at home wherever they work.

It's through our blend of services that we reshape the work experience for our clients. We combine multiple facets of workplace design into one highly tailored service, which means we can be as adaptive and responsive as we need to be to make your vision a reality.

Our consultancy doesn’t stop at the door of your office. We transform your entire working environment, incorporating remote and hybrid working solutions with those in your core office space.

To us, there are no closed doors in our projects (unless it’s office privacy you’re after). We believe in keeping an open mind to new solutions, possibilities, and challenges. It’s what’s enabled us to innovate in ways that continue to captivate our valued clients.

Our greatest strength lies in our people.

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We’re grateful for our people every day. They’re the beating heart of our business.

"The company's strong values shine even brighter now as we've become a B Corp organisation! Empowering staff to contribute ideas and shape our growth keeps us passionate about our work and committed to our company's success." - Senior Designer Tim Forster

We have built our business on the energy and commitment of outstanding people. Our teams' shared passion lead us to produce the workplaces our clients adore. We invest in the well-being of our workforce because we know that when people feel valued and confident, they work to their best potential. Our internal work ethics and wider B Corp certification ensure our standards never drop for how we treat those whose lives we affect.

Discover your

workplace potential.

We offer a guiding hand you can trust, but we’ll also let you lead the way.

If you’re looking for market insights and specialists that can propel your workplace to greatness or just a little office furnishing inspiration and guidance, we’ve got your back.

Our priority at each stage of a project is communication because it's through this collaborative effort that we deliver a successful outcome. We work with our clients as an extension of their team, engaging them on every detail as they see their dream workplace take shape. If this sounds good to you, maybe it’s time to get in touch.

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Certified corporation

Trusted from fit out to furnished.

Welcome to your new workplace. From our holistic end-to-end service.

Make the most of your people and place with a multi-service offering that starts with the fundamentals of good workplace design and ends with the finishing touches.

When you choose to work with us, you work with a consultancy you can trust to be authentic and fair in our work and communication. Our B Corp certification demonstrates that ethics, sustainability, and transparency drive all our practices.


Recovered materials

We minimise the negative environmental impact of workplace furnishing by using recycled, recovered, and repurposed materials, reducing the demand for production.

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Renewable energy

Designing workplaces with renewable energy sources and optimising energy conservation enables us to create long-sustainable practices.

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Supply chain ethics

Our supply chain dealings have a knock-on effect on labour standards, human rights, and health and safety worldwide, so we ensure it’s a positive one.

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Third-party accredited

From our B Corp status to ISO management systems, we’re backed by third-party independent accreditors to demonstrate our commitment.

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Net-zero carbon

As specialists in sustainable building practices, we continue to help businesses achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

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As part of Fourfront Group, we’ve won awards for our efforts towards creating a safer, happier planet.

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Our approach to sustainability is holistic, intending to produce not only eco-conscious workplaces but ones which perpetuate wellbeing for those they touch.

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From material sourcing to the places we build, we take care that our impact on communities benefits them instead of damages them.



While working towards repairing the planet, we always pay attention to the natural environments our workplaces inhabit to protect them from harm.

We’re big on Sustainability

Creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious impact on the world is vital to everything we do. In the built environment, we have a responsibility to our communities and ecosystems to ensure our choices not only protect, but allow them to flourish.

A successful sustainable project is one we approach holistically, identifying opportunities and incorporating conscious practices at every dimension.

We’re part of

something greater.

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Fourfront Group is our parent company, and it binds together three expert teams.

The collaborative approach that Fourfront Group pioneers is what makes us a cut above the rest. Drawing from a pool of resources, skills, insights, and experience means we can offer a more attentive and bespoke service while retaining the familiarity that comes from working with a small team.

Craig Bailey

Craig Bailey
Senior Project Manager

Gareth van Zyl

Gareth van Zyl
Design Director

Tracey Fox

Tracey Fox
Head of Internal Sales