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The Next Generation of Furniture Designers

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Designing Tomorrow: The Spotlight Series

We believe in the power of design to shape the future. That's why we're thrilled to launch our latest initiative: the Furniture Designer Spotlight. This initiative is our commitment to showcasing and supporting up-and-coming talent in the field of furniture design, particularly focusing on British designers currently in university or in their final year of studies.

Why the Designer Focus?

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The objective of the Designer Focus initiative is to provide a platform for emerging product designers to shine. We recognise the incredible creativity and innovation within the next generation of designers, and we want to amplify their voices within the vast landscape of the furniture industry. By partnering with esteemed university, manufacturers and designers, we aim to leverage our influence to spotlight these rising stars.

Our goal is to offer designers the opportunity to gain recognition and exposure within our extensive network. Through this initiative, they may find avenues to bring their design concepts to life, whether by partnering with a manufacturer to integrate their designs or by securing opportunities to work as designers for established brands. Ultimately, we see this as a vital step in nurturing British design talent and ensuring the longevity of our industry.

Aligning with Sustainability and B Corp Values

In addition to promoting emerging talent, our Designer Focus initiative aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions within the furniture industry. More than ever, consumers are seeking products that are designed and produced locally, reducing the environmental footprint associated with long-distance transportation. By spotlighting British designers and encouraging local manufacturing, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable approach to furniture production.

This initiative is a reflection of our commitment as a B Corp certified company. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to be forces for good, driving positive impact and transformation within the global economy. By supporting emerging designers and championing British design, we contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative system for all.

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Celebrate Emerging Talent

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We invite you to join us in celebrating the creativity and innovation of emerging furniture designers. Are you, or do you know, an up-and-coming designer who would be interested in participating in this initiative? Get in touch!

Stay tuned for updates as we showcase their work and provide insights into the future of British design. Together, we can shape a more vibrant and sustainable future for the furniture industry.