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Together We Can Lead Positive Change

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At Sketch Studios, we are committed to more than just crafting beautiful and functional workplace solutions. We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and we believe in leading by example. Our Sustainable Manufacturing Network is a testament to this commitment, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

Industry EcoConnect is a collaborative network of like-minded organisations that share our values, ethos, and unwavering commitment to sustainability. Together, we aim to foster a community that promotes and practices sustainable manufacturing and distribution, creating a more responsible and eco-conscious furniture industry across the UK and Europe.

Our initiative has clear objectives

Alignment with B Corp Certification

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As a B Corp certified company under the umbrella of Fourfront Group, which encompasses Sketch Studios, we understand the significance of promoting sustainable practices and fostering alliances with like-minded companies and fellow B Corp organisations.

By visiting supply chain partners and understanding their commitment to sustainability, we align our actions and recommendations with B Corp principles, setting a remarkable example for others to follow. This commitment reflects not only the values of Sketch Studios but also those of our parent company, Fourfront Group, as we strive to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible business ecosystem across Europe.

What Our Community Has to Say

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Journey with Us

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Join us in our mission to build a more sustainable furniture industry. Explore our past site visits and find out how you can become a part of our Sustainable Manufacturing Community. 

Together, we can make a significant difference. If you're a manufacturer committed to sustainability and responsible practices, consider joining our network. Contact us to express your interest in joining our community. Upon joining, we'll collaborate with you to assess your sustainability practices and align them with our values. As a member, you'll have opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge, and contribute to a greener, more responsible industry