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Office Design

Reimagining how we work one workplace at a time

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Unlock a space where your people can thrive.

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An environment that resonates with your people and brand. 

It's there right now, just under the surface of your busy, well-loved space. A new office awaits to propel your team into the future. At Sketch Studios, creativity meets reality in a holistic approach to office design that weaves aesthetics and functionality to invigorate your space with new energy. 

With a professional eye (or several), we view your project from multiple angles so that any requirements, ideas, and recommendations can be incorporated with efficiency, sustainability, and style. Like us, our design concepts are malleable, adaptable to change, and invite challenges—the result: a workplace design that will always elevate your brand. 

Identity, operational needs, and team culture play into your new office design at every turn, and our collaborative way of working means we've always got sight of exactly what you need and how we're meeting it.

The backdrop to your workday

An office that works with you seamlessly from start to finish, that you never have to make accommodations for.

Why rely on us?

Our work speaks for itself.

We bridge the gap between large corporations and small independent businesses.

In a world where clients are too often just numbers on the books, our promise to you is a personalised and authentic service. We combine the intimate experience of a close-knit team with the resources and assets of a deep pool of industry talent.

After all, isn't a personal touch the most important aspect of office design? Rather than clinical and lifeless out-of-the-box design work, we enrich our offices with the vibrant and passionate personalities of the clients we choose to work with.

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How does it work?

Got questions?

We have answers.

Good office design has a subtle but boundless impact on your business’s ability to reach its goals because it shapes the way your team approaches work. Productivity, creativity, and wellbeing all stem from the feelings your staff have when they experience the space. That’s why we put so much effort and detail into getting it just right for you.

In today’s hybrid and remote working world, if your office lacks the necessary accommodations, it can negatively impact team wellbeing and employee retention. The key to creating a hybrid work environment is combining creative, lateral thinking with resources available today, such as tech integrations enabling more engaging remote communication. Ultimately, the answer to creating your perfect workplace is to capture the essence of your business and your team. We ask the 'why' questions, not creating a space simply based on current trends, but rather how will they work for you, and why.

Hybrid working can even benefit the use of office space in a scenario similar to hotdesking, whereby only a portion of your workforce uses the office at any one time.

The first stage of our process is gathering all the information we need from you. It’s when we ask the big questions and dig deep into the inner workings of your business. We need to know it inside out to get a feel for all the opportunities, limitations, and nuances that make your team tick.

Be ready to chat with us about your business origins, goals for the future, USPs, team culture, and what you enjoy about coming into work.

No two spaces are the same, so it’s almost impossible to define the most important aspect of any project. We aim to approach each project with an entirely bespoke proposal rather than out-of-the-box solutions. Depending on your space, elements like natural light, entrance layouts, breakout rooms, desk layout and design, or tech integration could be the key players in your successful space.

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Katy Grimshaw
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Tim Forster
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