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Project Objectives

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A Modern Approach to Aerospace Office Design

The primary objective of this project was to design and create a creative workplace that would attract top talent to join Leonardo's workforce. The workspace needed to embodies modernity, innovative, and distinctiveness, setting it apart from the conventional offices typically associated with the aerospace and defence industry. To achieve these objectives, the project focused on implementing features such as sit-stand desks, a vibrant colour palette, locally sourced products, and a variety of high-quality furniture. These elements aimed to fostering a dynamic and appealing environment.

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Strategic location near an Innovation Hub

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The Strategy behind Leonardo's Newcastle Site

The choice of location for Leonardo’s new research site in Newcastle was a carefully considered decision, demonstrating the company's commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing the next generation of talent. The office's strategic proximity to the University of Newcastle was driven by a vision to create a dynamic ecosystem that not only meets the company's needs but also empower the local community and academic institutions.

The significance of being near Newcastle University is integral to the project's broader mission. By establishing their office in such close proximity to the university, Leonardo aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This strategic placement allows Leonardo to tap into a pool of fresh talent, ensuring a continuous stream of creative thinkers, researchers, and problem solvers. Additionally, it serves as a direct pathway for young students and recent graduates to seamlessly transition from their academic activities to exciting job opportunities.

Furniture Excellence

Elevating Leonardo’s Workplace

In establishing Leonardo’s new office, we engaged with a diverse range of suppliers, each contributing their expertise to craft a workspace that strikes a perfect balance between innovation and functionality.

In the VC room, we selected a bespoke Lano Table by Orangebox – a sleek and technologically advanced table designed for video conferencing. This choice promotes seamless communication and collaboration, perfectly aligning with the tech-forward environment of Leonardo's Newcastle office. For the working area, Task Systems provided a mix of sit-stand and fixed-height desks, contributing to a dynamic and versatile office layout.

The Air 20 Mini Pods by Orangebox, featuring a combination of high-quality glass and soft acoustic panelling, not only add aesthetic flair but also play a crucial role in Leonardo’s high-tech and confidential work environment. Ensuring privacy is paramount, the pods enhance insulation and speech privacy.

Emphasising sustainability and community support, we prioritised the use of local products wherever possible, such as the cushions in the lounge area sourced from a local textile supplier.

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A Robust Partnership

Crafting a Seamless Workspace Experience Across All Leonardo Sites

Following the success of our initial project in Basildon and the seamless completion of their Newcastle facility, our collaborative journey with Leonardo has evolved into a robust partnership. Leonardo, known for upholding high standards and expecting a 'quiet service' across design, consultancy, and office furniture supply, finds our commitment to excellence perfectly aligned with their expectations. Our dedication to maintaining the highest service standards has become a cornerstone of our ongoing collaboration, ensuring that Leonardo's workplaces not only meet but exceed their operational expectations.