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Office Design
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4,000 sq ft

London, UK

Our London HQ

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Setting the stage

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A Testament of Our Expertise

When it comes to creating a workspace that embodies both functionality and elegance, the selection of furniture takes centre stage. At our core, we are dedicated to maximising space, nurturing creativity, and fostering collaboration, and we don't just make promises – we turn them into reality within our own workspace.

In our London Bridge office refurbishment project, we meticulously curated our furniture choices, resulting in a workspace that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to designing environments that empower both individuals and teams to flourish.

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Crafting a Dynamic Workspace

Fostering a Vibrant and Functional Environment

Recognising the significance of providing diverse work settings, we tailored our approach to infuse dynamism into the office. By offering different setups, we aimed to transform our new workspace into a multifunctional haven, combining allure with functionality for all teams.

In our commitment to minimise waste reduction and sustainability promotion, we strategically retained a selection of existing task chairs from Humanscale's Liberty collection, while also acquiring additional chairs. This decision was guided by our appreciation of these chairs as a symphony of ergonomic excellence and aesthetic sophistication. Their exceptional lumbar support and adaptability cater to individual needs, striking a harmonious balance between well-being and visual elegance.

Our Working Area

Height-Adjustable Desks for Dynamic Workflows

The office's central hub revolves around a collection of height-adjustable desks that adorn the space. Designed to accommodate various tasks and individual preferences, our choice for the main workspace area was the Lift3 sit-stand desks by Task Systems. These desks are characterised by their streamlined, compact, and organised design, boasting sleek cable management and FIRA certification for strength and stability.

Effortlessly transitioning between sitting and standing positions, these desks inject vitality into the workday, promoting heightened focus, improved circulation, and increased energy levels, aligning perfectly with the agile nature of our design teams.

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Tailoring Solutions for Unique Teams

We understand the unique needs of our various teams and have dedicated ourselves to crafting tailored solutions that met their individual requirements. For our business development teams, who don't require extensive workspaces due to the nature of their work, we made a strategic choice by opting for smaller, more compact desks. Our selection was Herman Miller's OE1 Micro Pack desking solutions, which seamlessly blend space efficiency with uncompromised functionality.

Stimulating Creativity Through Dynamic Diversity

Embracing diversity in work environments plays a pivotal role in fostering creativity and bolstering productivity. To break away from the monotony of conventional desking solutions and infuse dynamism into our workspace, we introduced a round hot-desking table. This communal area caters perfectly to transient workers who may not always be in the office, offering a refreshing departure from traditional desk setups. Task Systems' Circ, with its circular design, not only maximises available space but also cultivates interaction and communication. This distinctive round table serves as a catalyst for collaborative efforts, providing a platform for team-based solutions and nurturing an environment where ideas can flow freely.

Bringing Projects to Life

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A Dedicated Space for Creative Meetings 

Acknowledging the need for a dedicated space where our consultants, designers, and project managers can come together and immerse themselves in projects, we positioned a semi-enclosed project room between our working areas. To separate this area from the open space and offer a sense of privacy, we used Icons of Denmark’s 4T walls designed to facilitate room division and privacy without isolation, creating an environment that encourages idea-sharing and collaboration.

Within this area, accessibility and functionality were of paramount importance. In our previous office, essential design materials, such as fabrics, were not readily available, and project teams faced challenges accessing them during meetings. To address this limitation, material samples are now thoughtfully displayed on the 4T walls, strategically hung for quick access and reference. This arrangement not only creates a visually appealing and organised display but also invites engagement and fosters seamless collaboration.

Tailored Meeting Spaces

Our team dedicated significant effort in analysing the dynamics of meeting spaces in our previous office, gaining valuable insights to optimize our new space. Our findings revealed the importance of introducing a variety of meeting spaces, each tailored to specific requirements and with its own personality.

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Sophistication and Professionalism

Our boardroom, with its commanding view of the iconic London Bridge, projects an image of sophistication and professionalism. Outfitted with Brunner’s Ray table and Ray Soft swivel meeting room chairs, this space has been thoughtfully furnished to facilitate pivotal discussions, fostering an environment where decisions are confidently made.

A Playful Oasis

In contrast, the lounge space offers a more playful ambiance, evoking the atmosphere of a trendy hotel lobby or a vibrant members' club. Adorned with the cozy and contemporary Little Big chairs by Norr11, this room radiates comfort and style, enveloping occupants in a relaxing sanctuary.

Modern Elegance at the Entrance

Adjacent to the entrance, our two-person meeting room exudes a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere. The elegant Smile Lounge chairs by Icons of Denmark in a soft pink hue, infuse the space with modernity and comfort, setting the stage for productive and collaborative interactions.

Sustainability at the Core of our Design

Making Ethical Choices at Every Corner

As a certified B Corp and SBTi verified company, sustainability is at the core of what we do. We integrate sustainability seamlessly into every aspect of our design process, not only to craft inspiring workspaces but also to contribute to a more environmentally responsible future.

In our reception space, Walter Knoll’s Fabricius armchair takes centre stage, making a bold design statement. This armchair is thoughtfully paired with the Bit stool by Norman Copenhagen, skilfully crafted from minuscule fragments of 100% recycled household and industrial plastic. 

In the kitchen, we turned to PlanQ as our source of sustainable elements. Their stools are made of textile waste and biobased fibres. For our breakout area, we selected their black stools made of recycled bank suits, creating a unique, environmentally friendly and high-quality product for a better tomorrow.

Taking our commitment a step further, the sofa and its complementary coffee table in the office are both ex-display products. This approach significantly reduces waste by giving these items a second life, aligning perfectly with our sustainable ethos.