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Leonardo planned to refresh their café area and develop a design identity that could be rolled out to cafés on other sites. Leonardo were keen to integrate more natural-looking colours and textures to enable people to relax as they take a break from the office environment.

Following a showroom visit with the client, we established the ideal number of employees to be accommodated and the style and range of furniture required. In addition to allowing for plenty of circulation space, we suggested a layout that would provide a degree of privacy as well as scope for social interaction.

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4,100 Sqft


“The new design has been a huge success, not only increasing footfall and utilisation of what was a vacant space, but it has also boosted morale onsite as employees.”

Chief of Staff
at  Leonardo 

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The existing space was only utilised in part during the day and Leonardo wanted to maximise the value of such a prime space within their facility. The new design, layout and furniture is suitable for staff and visitors to use through the day. It accommodates space for breakout, informal meetings, hosting customer events and dining.

The project was highly collaborative;  we worked with the client to select fabrics and colours and discuss the merits of individual pieces. The result is a light, airy space full of visual interest, playful touches and contemporary furnishings within a clean, stylish aesthetic. Beautiful wood finishes and generous planting create a sense of connection with nature.

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