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A Transformative Design Journey

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From Basildon to Beyond: Leonardo's Ambitious Design Identity

Sketch Studios was honoured to collaborate with Leonardo, a renowned technology company, to revamp their café space at their Basildon site. Leonardo sought to create a refreshing design identity that could be extended to other café spaces across their various sites. Leonardo aimed to incorporate natural colours and textures to foster relaxation and provide a welcoming respite from the office environment.

The Evolution of Workspace Design

A Shared Vision: Sketch Studios and Leonardo's Collaborative Approach

During early consultation including insightful showroom tours with our client, Sketch Studios gained a comprehensive understanding of Leonardo's requirements. The team identified the optimal number of employees to be accommodated and devised a layout that balanced both privacy and social interaction. Additionally, maximising the value of this prime space was a key objective for Leonardo.

Throughout the project, collaboration was at the forefront. Sketch Studios worked closely with our client to select fabrics, colours, and furniture pieces that aligned with Leonardo's vision. The result was a light and airy space, brimming with visual interest and contemporary furnishings, all wrapped within a clean and stylish aesthetic. The strategic use of beautiful wood finishes and generous planting instilled a sense of connection with nature, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Enhancing Employee Experience

Empowering Employee Wellbeing: A Versatile and Purposeful Space

The new design not only revitalised the café area but also transformed it into a multifunctional space. Employees and visitors can now utilise this area throughout the day for various purposes. The layout provided designated breakout spaces, informal meeting areas, client event hosting, and dining options. This transformation greatly enhanced the overall employee experience at Leonardo's Basildon site.

The impact of the redesigned café area has been exceptional. Footfall and utilisation of the previously underutilised space has seen a significant increase. Beyond the quantifiable metrics, the revamped space had a positive influence on employee morale and engagement. Employees appreciated the fresh and welcoming environment, which, in turn, has contributed to their overall wellbeing and productivity.

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Design Excellence

Agility and Innovation: Sketch Studios' Ongoing Partnership with Leonardo

Having achieved great success with this initial project, we have continued to partner with Leonardo to optimise not only their Basildon site but also several other sites across the UK. With seven sites and over 50,000 employees, Leonardo's commitment to embracing agile and collaborative working has led to ongoing enhancements and improvements in their real estate portfolio.

Leonardo holds its partners to high standards, expecting a seamless and "quiet service" in all aspects of design, consultancy, and office furniture supply. With a focus on managing any service issues efficiently and professionally, we have ensured that Leonardo's management and staff could concentrate on their core business.

Moreover, sustainability is a key aspect considered in every project. Sketch Studios provided detailed information on the origin of materials and assembly locations, reflecting Leonardo's commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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