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University of Portsmouth has a growing population of around 22,000 students and research revealed a demand for more access to computer facilities.

The planned Information Services area aimed to offer a space that inspired and engaged with access to PCs, laptops on loan, and allow students to bring in their own devices (BYOD) at any time. Sketch was approached to consult on three open spaces in the Victorian ‘Park Building’ and a café area in the ‘Anglesea Building’. The furniture currently in the space had accumulated over the years in a piecemeal manner and was no longer satisfactory, and the areas all needed refreshing.

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“We are always happy to work with Laure Debout and Sketch. They are so knowledgeable and always there to answer any questions. Laure knows everything about all the furniture.”

Amy Gregory,  University of Portsmouth 

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The overall solution offers a wide choice of working platforms and IT devices, feels welcoming and residential, is lively yet demure. The space has already been well-received by students and is always busy, with the soft furniture areas proving very popular – a sign that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and functional.

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