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Vodafone Workspace Revolution

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Reimagining Vodafone's Work Environments

At Sketch Studios, we pride ourselves on our ability to create exceptional workspaces that inspire creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Our partnership with Vodafone, a global telecommunications giant, is a testament to our commitment to delivering dynamic furniture solutions. Over the course of several years, we embarked on an exciting journey with Vodafone, working hand in hand to transform five of their key sites into vibrant, forward-thinking work environments.

Elevating Vodafone's Workplace Experience

Crafting Inspiring Work Environments

Vodafone is a multinational corporation with a distributed workforce across various locations. To support their vision of "Better Ways of Working," they needed a partner who could help them revamp their workspaces into dynamic hubs that fostered innovation, productivity, and employee wellbeing. With this goal in mind, Vodafone turned to Sketch Studios.

In early 2015, we joined forces with Vodafone's central building services team, assuming responsibility for procurement, project management, and the delivery and installation of furniture across five of their sites. Our journey began with a phased project program encompassing multiple Vodafone workplaces.

Empowering Better Ways of Working

Pioneering Innovative Workspaces

Our collaboration with Vodafone involved the complete overhaul of several key sites:

Waterside House, Thames House, and Brook House in Bracknell: These locations received a fresh lease of life with new soft seating for breakout spaces, along with benches, chairs, and tables for canteens. The design embraced Vodafone's vision of creating hives – spaces that encourage innovation and productivity.

Smale House, Southwark (The Speechmark): The Speechmark is Vodafone's current digital hub, and it needed to reflect their commitment to cutting-edge workspaces. We delivered innovative furniture solutions for open-plan workspaces that promoted communication, collaboration, and serendipitous encounters.

Global HQ in Paddington: As the epicentre of Vodafone's global operations, their Paddington HQ needed to set the benchmark for modern workspace design. Our team went above and beyond, curating furniture for an environment that not only encouraged innovation but also facilitated employee wellbeing.

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Reshaping the

Future of Work

Continuing the Journey with Vodafone

The projects we undertook with Vodafone have been resounding successes. The new open-plan workspaces across each site have become hubs of activity, where employees can work, collaborate, and rejuvenate. These spaces have fostered a culture of innovation and productivity that aligns perfectly with Vodafone's "Better Ways of Working" initiative.

Our partnership with Vodafone has yielded key outcomes that are reshaping the way their teams work. Enhanced collaboration is now a hallmark, facilitated by open-plan layouts and strategically positioned breakout spaces that encourage seamless interaction among employees. Additionally, increased productivity has been a tangible result, attributed to innovative design elements such as soft seating and ergonomic furniture that enhance the work experience. This transformation also brings flexibility to the forefront, as the adaptable nature of these spaces ensures that Vodafone can effortlessly adapt to evolving work dynamics and shifting requirements.

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