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Roper Rhodes is an independent, family-run supplier of high-quality bathrooms, bathroom cabinets and sanitaryware which has traded out of Bath for three decades. The growing company purchased the buildings opposite its existing offices to create new, purpose-built office space that would both reflect the success of its brand and provide comfortable, inspirational surroundings for its loyal workforce.

The project was planned in two phases. The first consists of general office space, meeting rooms and reception, while the second phase will cover executive offices and a kitchen/dining area. The furniture requirements for the first phase were complex. The client wanted a solution that accommodated employees more efficiently and supported their particular way of working, while expressing a colourful, contemporary aesthetic.

We began by building a relationship with the client that allowed us to gain an insight into their specific needs and aspirations. This included visits to various showrooms as well as our own London-based studios. From this we understood that the client sought modern, visually arresting styles that would complement its corporate palette and provide an appealing and supportive environment for staff.

We made best use of the available space by replacing the client’s large corner desks with benching able to accommodate more people. We allowed plenty of scope for expansion, including space for more desks if required. The client requested worktop areas away from the desks where products under development could be laid out, viewed and discussed. We used banks of storage dividers with tops that provided the necessary working surfaces, at a height suitable for standing.

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We created a sense of energy and drama by contrasting the corporate grey, black and white branding with accents of bright yellow. Sofas and informal seating were installed in a ‘soft’ meeting room to provide a comfortable, welcoming alternative to conventional meeting room furniture. Biophilic touches include moss-effect carpets and wooden flooring. In a stylish nod to the company’s industrial ethos, traditional meeting tables have been replaced throughout the building by Frovi Relic trestle-style tables with raw steel legs.

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