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Rendall & Rittner

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A Comprehensive Renovation Project

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Transforming Rendall & Rittner's Vauxhall and Battersea Reach Office Spaces

Rendall & Rittner, a leading residential property management company with a strong presence in the UK, reached out to us to renovate and reimagine two of their London offices. Situated in Vauxhall and Battersea Reach, these sites required a comprehensive refurbishment to create more inviting and functional spaces for their workforce.

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Breathing new life into the Vauxhall office

Maximising the Vauxhall office potential

The Vauxhall site presented a unique challenge due to the existing layout limitations and lack of functional meeting spaces. Our team coordinated a strategic transformation, optimising the available space to accommodate more collaborative working areas. To infuse comfort and aesthetic appeal, we introduced soft furnishings, high desks and a fresh tea point, contributing to a more dynamic work environment.

The building's limited access to natural daylight demanded a creative and forward-thinking strategy. To overcome this obstacle, our team introduced cutting-edge LED lighting solutions that not only compensated for the absence of natural light but also worked synergistically to emphasise the existing daylight. This ingenious combination brought about a transformative effect, infusing the workspace with a radiant, energetic atmosphere, where employees could thrive in a well-lit and invigorating environment.

The ground floor, once a dormant and unutilised space, represented an untapped resource within the office space. In our redesign, we harnessed its potential by creating a welcoming reception area, ensuring a warm and inviting first impression. We also optimised the layout to accommodate a compact meeting space, ideal for intimate client meetings.

Unlocking potential

in Battersea Reach

The key to a flexible and productive space

In the Battersea Reach location, we meticulously analysed the existing layout and identified opportunities for optimisation. Our insights revealed the necessity for strategic rearrangements to elevate the overall functionality of the space, ensuring that every square foot could be effectively utilised. Previously unoccupied rooms now have a newfound purpose through thoughtful transformation. By merging three underutilised small spaces, we've created a dynamic training area that exudes both versatility and efficiency.

With the introduction of Forma 5 Folding Travel desks, this space can seamlessly transition from a dynamic training area to a welcoming venue for social events. Selected for their remarkable adaptability, these desks prove ideal for this setting, providing a blend of flexibility, productivity, and versatile functionality. Equipped with a straightforward folding mechanism, ensuring ease of use and efficient storage after use, they meet the demands of multi-purpose spaces. Additionally, the inclusion of castors grants the freedom to effortlessly reconfigure the room, ensuring its adaptability matches the diversity of activities it accommodates.

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A seamless dual site transformation

Executing simultaneous workspace renovation across two locations

Working on the transformation of both office sites simultaneously presented a unique set of challenges. We seamlessly coordinated operations across both sites, Vauxhall and Battersea Reach, efficiently transitioning from one location to the other. This required meticulous planning and synchronised execution to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal disruption across the two residential buildings, each with its unique considerations for noise and disturbance.

By seamlessly managing the logistics of running both projects concurrently, we not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating our adaptability and expertise in delivering comprehensive workspace enhancements.