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Loyens & Loeff

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Challenges Transformed into Opportunities

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At Sketch Studios, we believe that the seamless transition of a workspace is akin to an art form, and our recent project with Loyens & Loeff, a renowned international law and tax firm, is a testament to this belief. Loyens & Loeff entrusted us with the responsibility of managing their relocation to a new London office on Austin Street, and we executed this task with precision, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

The relocation of a thriving law and tax firm is no small feat. It demands meticulous planning, a dedicated team, and a comprehensive understanding of workplace dynamics. Loyens & Loeff faced the challenge of moving their entire operation while maintaining business continuity. Our team at Sketch Studios, well-versed in workplace transformation, stepped in to turn this challenge into an opportunity for a smooth transition.

Swift and Disruption-Free

Over the course of just four days, our team dismantled and transferred 20 workstations from the old office to the new one. Our process was swift, ensuring minimal downtime for Loyens & Loeff's employees. We understand that time is money in the corporate world, and we pride ourselves on our ability to execute projects efficiently.

In today's digital age, IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of any organisation. We meticulously decommissioned and recommissioned all IT equipment, ensuring that Loyens & Loeff's employees could seamlessly resume their work in the new space. Our commitment to precision ensured a hassle-free transition, allowing the team to hit the ground running.


Move Management

At Sketch Studios, we are deeply committed to sustainability. Outdated furniture from the old office was sent for recycling, reducing environmental impact. Additionally, we arranged a special shipment for Loyens & Loeff's high-value artwork, ensuring its safe arrival in the Netherlands.

One of the cornerstones of our success is our dedicated move managers. For the Loyens & Loeff project, a move manager oversaw every aspect of the relocation. This begins in the current workplace, where we help our clients prepare for the move. We work collaboratively with our clients to create a detailed plan, ensuring that everyone involved is aware of what to expect at each stage of the relocation process.

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