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Jimmy Choo

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Sophistication, elegance, and opulence

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A symbol of luxury in the fashion world

Every Jimmy Choo creation doesn’t just exude style; it encapsulates an entire lifestyle defined by impeccable taste and unwavering standards. For a brand of such distinction, the environment in which creativity thrives holds paramount importance. Our collaboration with Jimmy Choo, in partnership with Area and 360 Workplace, has transformed their London headquarters into a space that truly reflects the brand’s identity while offering an inspirational and highly functional workplace for their employees.

We meticulously curated furniture selections that align seamlessly with the brand's overarching sense of luxury, creating a space where every detail is meaningful, where the precise arrangement of furniture, thoughtfully designed layout, and materiality all contribute to capturing and enhancing the essence of the Jimmy Choo brand.

Elevating the essence of luxury

Capturing the magic and essence of their stores

As a luxury brand renowned for its precision and detail, Jimmy Choo was resolute in maintaining brand consistency and fostering a profound sense of belonging within their team. To replicate the distinctive ambiance of their boutiques and ensure that the new workplace would radiate the same level of luxury and opulence, we embarked on a meticulous journey.

We carefully selected sumptuous velvet upholstery for the seating, choosing a fabric that precisely matches the hues in their boutiques, ensuring a seamless extension of their brand identity. This opulent and luxurious velvet was sourced from Dedar, a renowned Italian textile company located near Como, celebrated for its commitment to perfection through collaboration with skilled craftsmen and textile specialists.

Dedar's Vladimiro green velvet is a lustrous and ultra-soft fabric crafted from Kid Mohair, an exquisite fibre obtained from the first shear of the Angora goat. This material not only boasts a lustrous and impurity-free texture but also meets the brand's high standards for aesthetics and tactility, seamlessly integrating Jimmy Choo’s brand identity into the office environment, cultivating an atmosphere of luxury, comfort, and refinement.



A meticulous lounge transformation in Jimmy Choo’s headquarters

In our pursuit of enhancing every face of their new office, our focal point became the lounge area. We seamlessly integrated the newly acquired black sofas and armchairs into the overall design concept., This involved a carefully orchestrated reupholstery plan, aimed at elevating these pieces to a new level of vibrancy and opulence.

The decision was made to transform the black sofas and armchairs into vibrant and luxurious accents by selecting an eye-catching mustard-yellow velvet upholstery, a hue carefully chosen from Jimmy Choo's iconic colour palette.

The lounge's marble coffee table, an existing piece, received a well-deserved restoration as well. We replaced the existing marble top with a brand-new slab, eliminating any imperfections and restoring the table's elegance.

The culmination of these efforts is a lounge area that exudes luxury, radiates brightness, and encapsulates glamour. The infusion of mustard-yellow velvet harmonises effortlessly with the furniture, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

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