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Creating a collaborative workspace

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Blending Camden's vibes with a dynamic and collaborative space

iTech media, a leading digital marketing company, embarked on a project to transform two floors of their Camden offices. Their primary objective was to infuse the space with a design that would beautifully complement the lively, diverse and fashionable ambiance of the surrounding neighbourhood. Central to their vision was the creation of a dedicated environment that would not only promote collaboration but also stimulate spontaneous team interactions – an ecosystem that could seamlessly transition between formal and informal settings.

Where creativity finds its home

Fostering collaboration and trendy workspaces

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Camden, iTech Media’s workplace required a transformation that would elevate its character and showcase the essence of their brand. At every step of the way, our team has worked hand in hand with iTech Media, understanding their unique aspirations, and ensuring that their workplace becomes a true reflection of their brand identity.

The objective of this project was not merely about aesthetics; it revolved around a deeper purpose – bringing people together. Working closely with Area, we envisioned a workplace with vibrant fun zones and  an awe-inspiring centrepiece that would captivate the senses, leaving an indelible impression on everyone who stepped foot into iTech Media's office. The goal was to foster an environment where people would not only want to work but also find joy and inspiration in their surroundings.

Versatile furniture

Enabling seamless reconfigurations within the workspace

Each piece of furniture perfectly harmonises with iTech Media’s vision, carefully selected and crafted to facilitate effortless reconfigurations within the space to ensure iTech Media team are able to use the space in a variety of ways.

A notable feature in achieving versatility was the implementation of concealed casters on the joinery, which allows the entire space to be easily transformed or reconfigured. Whether it is rearranging collaborative workstations, creating breakout areas, or setting up an entertainment space, the movable joinery provides a practical and efficient solution.

Highlighting a multifunctional design, the ground floor reception desk effortlessly transforms into a bar, morphing into a vibrant social hub for informal gatherings or events. Similarly, the staging area boasts versatility as it doubles as a collaborative workspace, fostering creativity and teamwork by providing a dedicated space for teams to brainstorm and exchange ideas.

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Crafting iTech Media’s

dream workspace

The significance of on-site showroom visits

We understand the immense value of in-person, on-site,  showroom visits when it comes to crafting spaces that resonate with our clients' vision. When iTech Media approached us to rejuvenate their collaboration zones, we knew that immersing them in the world of furniture suppliers would be a crucial step in bringing their dream workspace to life.

We organised an on-site showroom visit day in Clerkenwell where we had the pleasure of introducing iTech Media to a curated selection of renowned furniture suppliers, each offering unique pieces that perfectly complemented the project's objectives. This visit allowed iTech Media to interact with the products and furniture pieces that would eventually find their place within their office. Among the notable showrooms visited were Frovi, Table Place Chairs, and Allermuir. This hands-on engagement provided iTech Media with invaluable insights into the functionality and aesthetics of the furniture, ensuring that the selected pieces seamlessly integrated with their workspace, fostering both inspiration and productivity.

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Vibrant colour palette

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Balancing complimentary hues in perfect accord

Driven by the goal of finding a hue that not only reflected iTech Media’s brand but also flawlessly melded with their surroundings, we meticulously wove accents of turquoise and orange into the overarching design. These hues seamlessly harmonised with their branding, enriching the workspace's overall ambiance with a captivating cohesiveness.

This dynamic pairing, alongside the versatile grey, forms the cornerstone of our carefully curated colour palette. The proposed palette of orange, turquoise, and grey was strategically chosen to infuse the workspace with pops of vibrant and sophisticated hues, creating a visually engaging and cohesive environment.

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Enhancing brand


Personalising the furniture to incorporate iTech Media’s branding

In our journey of crafting a workspace that reflects iTech Media’s brand identity, we left no detail untouched. In collaboration with Sixinch we designed bespoke stools uniquely tailored to replicate iTech Media’s distinctive logo, creating a strong sense of belonging amongst their people. Scattered throughout the office in various spaces, these light turquoise stools serve as more than just seating; they are a subtle yet impactful reminder of the company's identity and values.

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