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Scott Brownrigg’s designs for the new building at Peterhouse Technology Park were inspired by the structure of silicon – the science behind integrated circuits.  When an electron beam strikes crystalline silicon it produces a pattern of intersecting ‘Kikuchi’ bands. This pattern is incorporated throughout the building and every aspect of the project.

Tailored to ARM Holding’s identity as the world’s leading semiconductor technology designer, consolidating existing offices around Cambridge, UK, the new development was designed to house 1,700 employees and support ARM’s continued growth within the technology sector.

Sketch Studios were employed by ARM to work alongside Gleeds and Scott Brownrigg as the Furniture Consultancy, Procurement, Delivery and Installation providers.

To successfully develop furniture options for ARM, Sketch provided several layers of quantitative and qualitative engagement.  It was important to take time to understand the unique nature and working culture of the organisation, interviewing individual users for their input into furniture needs.  A survey was made of the storage within ARM’s existing Cambridge locations, to provide a complete breakdown of all materials held across the estate. Technical priorities were developed for the workstations, which included an assessment of manufacturing ethos, component supply chain, product safety, power containment and distribution, environmental strategy and commercial responsiveness.  Detailed ergonomic assessments informed detailed layout planning to encourage users to move and change posture.  Showroom visits and working mockups were integral to our teams’ selection of a wide range of products and finishes to meet the vision of the interior.

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The interior design carries the silicon themes into every detail; focused working zones are separated, with crisp glazed partitions allowing visible connectivity across all spaces, whilst the collaborative areas break down the rectilinear forms into the ‘diamond’ areas, a focus for the exchange of ideas and concepts at the end of each office wing. The design detail permeates through to every element, including such details as the bespoke crystalline door handles.


Surrounding the gateway development is a designed landscape that includes a formal boulevard of lime trees, a wildflower grassland meadow, a central plaza with a distinctive pavement detailing, and an area for social interaction, complete with barbecue. The design incorporates biodiversity improvements through the creation of new habitats such as brown roofs, and an increase in habitat connectivity between neighbouring areas

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