Virtual change management workshops launched to support people in times of change

09 Apr 2020  |  People  |  Innovation  |  Design  |  Trends

Sketch’s sister company 360 Workplace now offers a virtual change management consultancy service which includes bespoke workshops exploring how organisations can best support their remote team during this pandemic.

These workshops will enable businesses to better understand the challenges and concerns of their workforce, provide advice on how best to support their employees through this unsettling time, offer tools and strategies to support employee wellbeing as well as using data to transform their property strategy post this pandemic.

Remote working has become the norm for most of the working population. This period is an unsettling and uncertain time for many people and it’s important that businesses do all they can to support their team in times of unprecedented change.

Because every organisation and employee is unique, virtual change management workshops are tailored to an organisation’s individual requirements. Providing a consultative approach, 360’s team will work with you to best understand the areas that should be covered.

Guenaelle Watson, Managing Director of 360 Workplace, comments: “Organisations and the UK workforce are currently experiencing massive challenges and uncertainty due to the pandemic. It’s more important than ever that people feel supported through this time of change so they can successfully adapt to this new way of working. The workshops we’re offering provide suggestions to how to create a positive and productive working culture with remote teams, as well as how your future workplace can be adapted post-pandemic to not only provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment but also how to boost employee engagement.”

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