Creating a result-oriented culture in the workplace

01 Aug 2019  |  Design

Our partners Worktech Academy have recently reported on workplace culture and how to affect positive change.

Amid a shift to greater trust and autonomy over work, workplace culture is heading towards rewarding people for what they do – and not just for turning up.

Workplace culture has traditionally been supervisory, based on the knowledge that presenteeism equals productivity; but at last we could be turning a corner in what is expected of employees.

As more fluid leadership models come into play, employees are set to be rewarded with more trust and autonomy over how and where they conduct their work– this has been described as the ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment) culture. The concept of ROWE is the brainchild of change management experts Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler and is based on the concept that employees are paid for results rather than the number of hours worked.

This new culture of trust in the workplace should lead to a workforce more incentivised to get results, not just turn up to work; but getting there in terms of organisational culture change is still a tough ask.

Five ways to achieve ROWE


Flexibility – allow employees to work how and where they want. Trust them to make the right choices, less command and control, more empowerment.

Intrinsic motivation – new operating systems for business revolve around autonomy, mastery and purpose. This powerful concept is famously described by Dan Pink as the components of motivation. We could not agree more.

No commute – long, daily commutes can be harmful for the environment, affect physical and mental wellbeing and sometimes job performance. Whilst we agree that working from home has its advantages, face to face collaboration and interaction are beneficial too. We enjoy team lunches in our breakout area, the larder. And the office cakes of course…

Creativity – new and unexpected kinds of movement can enhance creativity in the office. We create environment to give people choice of where they work.

Rethink the office – give employees the tools to work wherever and whenever they need, as long as the work gets done. This gets back to autonomy and managing by output. And obviously having the right tech to support it.

Our idea of the workplace is to create a community, a sense of belonging and a platform for collaboration. And choice. Happy people are more productive.


- By Sally Rice, Operations Director

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