Meet the team

It’s all about the people we employ. From apprentices to directors, we love our work and deliver the highest level of service.

Susan Hann

Managing Director

Quick fact:

Sue has a close relative who was the lead singer of the Rubettes, but never wants to see flares or platforms come back into fashion!

Tel: 07943844327

Beth Harrison

Sales Director

Quick fact:

Beth was brought up in Kenya and since being a mum is more active than ever; enjoying camping, kayaking, climbing, surfing and mountain biking!

Tel: 07824857627

Paul Saunders

Senior Contracts Manager

Quick fact:

Paul has always wanted to swim with sharks, and knows all the words to ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses.

Tel: 07920411497

Lee Horsman

Design Director

Quick fact:

Lee used to windsurf in Birmingham and his favourite thing ever was swimming in the sea with dolphins in Kaikoura, New Zealand!

Tel: 07931937577

Ian Shepherd

Logistics Director

Quick fact:

Ian started his career in construction and put himself through University to achieve his MSc!

Tel: 07718586563

Sally Rice

Operations Director

Quick fact:

Sally is half kiwi and has visited 43 countries. She's looking forward to making it to 50!

Tel: 07939821906

Laura Shorrocks

Account Manager

Quick fact:

Laura’s hidden talents include baking and pub quizzes, and her guilty pleasure is listening to Barbara Streisand while cleaning!

Tel: 07920411496

Craig Bailey

Operations Manager

Quick fact:

Craig performed in a Dirty Dancing show on stage in Spain and is a big Aston Villa fan, attending every home game!

Tel: 07908412721

Ellen Garrod

Account Manager

Quick fact:

Ellen has a pet tortoise called Jack and has worked as a ball girl at Wimbledon!

Tel: 07701283737

Fritha Selwyn-Jones

Head of Corporate Sales

Quick fact:

Fritha’s guilty pleasure is karaoke and if she could travel anywhere, one day she’d like to visit Japan, New Zealand and Alaska.

Tel: 07908103964

Hollie Theedam

Account Manager

Quick fact:

Hollie has a degree in illustration and previously lived in a pub.

Tel: 07920411542

Tom Kernoghan

Contracts Manager

Quick fact:

Tom's bucket list includes travelling along Route 66, and he knows all the words to 'Dancing in the dark' by Bruce Springsteen.

Tel: 07701283721

Gareth Van Zyl

Senior Designer

Quick fact:

Having grown up in South Africa in the outdoors he loves hiking. He is also known to be a good baker, whipping up some good chocolate cakes!

Tel: 07718586530

Zoe Williams

Senior Designer

Quick fact:

Zoe's proudest achievement is passing her black belt in jujitsu and her guilty pleasure is wine and cheese.

Tel: 07718586579

Bruce Shippam

Contracts Manager

Quick fact:

Bruce used to sponsor a monkey at London zoo that was called Spank and once had a job as a voice double for Brian Blessed!

Tel: 07920411565

Sophie Thorpe

Project Coordinator

Quick fact:

Sophie has been a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur for 17 years and considers herself as a DIY queen, recently building a summer house in her garden.

Tel: 07768045482

Danielle Lees

Corporate Sales Manager

Quick fact:

Danielle has a football mad cat called Teddy, he’s a Palace fan along with his Mum! She also volunteers for the RSPCA and previously wanted to be a vet.

Tel: 07808737719

Remaz El-Magaboul

Senior Administrator

Quick fact:

Remaz can speak arabic and has camped out in the Sahara desert!

Tel: 07860843465

Claire Tomlinson

Project Coordinator

Quick fact:

Claire has camped out under the stars near Uluru, Australia and has also done a sky dive!

Tel: 07718586548

Steffan Best

Warehouse Assistant & Driver

Tel: +44 (0)20 7089 6001

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