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19 Jul 2019  |  Innovation  |  Design  |  Trends

The Sketch design team and its sister company Area took part in an innovation workshop at Frovi’s showroom in Clerkenwell. Frovi are a family owned British furniture company who have been creating distinctive furniture with signature designs since 1976.

Design teams from Sketch and Frovi discussed workplace furniture trends, including the growing “resimercial” furniture trend, the challenge our clients face and solutions to address these. The interactive session generated a number of ideas and considerations on the future of the commercial furniture world.

Lee Horsman, Design Director says: "At Sketch we constantly monitor what’s next in terms of workplace innovation and having sessions like these with our suppliers is invaluable for the team. Having worked with Frovi for over 10 years, I have always been impressed at their approach to product development and innovation.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting their showroom at Clerkwenwell Design Week this year and seeing their new Colony design concept. The showroom was completely transformed and caught my imagination; always great to be surprised by new concepts!"

David King, Design Manager at Frovi says: "As we continue to design forward-thinking furniture, we wanted to collaborate with Sketch and Area to discuss new designs, concepts and finishes.

It was refreshing to share ideas, review our concept designs before they come to market and understand where any market gaps may exist. The interactive session generated thought provoking ideas and helped shape our thinking on several design concepts.

We were pleased to host such an interesting workshop and hope we can continue our collaborative working in the future."

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