CPD WELL Building: Putting People First

24 Oct 2018  |  Well-being  |  Tech

Last week Vika attended the RIBA approved CPD with TP Bennett and 360 Workplace Consultancy - ‘WELL Building: Putting People First’

At Sketch, providing commercial furniture solutions based on an awareness and knowledge of the working environment comes first! We work closely with 360 Workplace Consultancy who help business leaders to make the most of their people and property. They believe that the success of any project is founded on evidence-based design and effective change management. Together we explored the WELL Building: Putting People First CPD.

Georgia Elliot-Smith from 360 Workplace delivered the CPD, covering a new approach to Health & WELL Building, the WELL Building Standard 4, the standard in detail-concepts, the requirements & opportunities, as well as a number of interesting case studies.

Georgia shared the business case of typical business operating costs based on WORLD Green Building Council 2016 who “…has encouraged companies to focus more on how design can improve employee health, wellbeing and productivity, and suggests incorporating metrics that address physical, perceptual and financial outcomes.’’ World Green Building Council, 2014.

It was very interesting to hear about the Holistic Systems and the impact on user’s diets, stress levels, fitness, microbes, toxins and their environment and how our cardiovascular, digestive, immune, nervous, respiratory, skeletal, urinary, reproductive, integumentary, endocrine and muscular systems react to it.

Most of us know how to be healthy and productive at work but it was good to explore the 10 concepts based on experimentation and change to see the difference;

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Nourishment
  4. Light
  5. Movement
  6. Thermal comfort
  7. Sound
  8. Materials
  9. Mind
  10. Community can make and how productive employee can be

After exploring the 10 concepts we were able to understand the evolution of the WELL v1 2014 and WELL v2 2018 scoring and certification process.

A key WELL Building case study was CBRE. Their office in LA was first WELL certified project. CBRE quoted 1.6% uplift at LA Office (48 000sqft)

We achieved the goals of CPD which was to appreciate the modern context of wellbeing and healthy working environments, understand how designers can improve occupant wellbeing in the built environment, gain an understanding of the WELL Building Standard and understand the process to achieve WELL certification.

We all increased awareness of the sustainable elements of building design and how the WELL Building standard fit together in relation to existing accreditations. Thank you TP Bennett and Georgia, 360 Workplace for exploring WELL Building latest developments in designing with health and well-being in the mind of a built environment.

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