Baby onboard at CDW – 5 minutes with Laura Shorrocks!

30 May 2019  |  Well-being  |  People  |  Design

How have you found working during pregnancy?

"Work have been amazing in supporting a more flexible working approach – I’ve been able to work from home more, and from the Egham and warehouse offices as they are closer to where I live. I’ve still come into London when I have needed to though as it’s nice to see the wider team.

This flexibility has really helped as early on I had pretty awful morning sickness but could manage to work in between times (!!), and I’ve had lots of appointments with the midwives and doctors, plus the fact I’ve been really tired a lot … so it’s been nice to be able to work at home a few times. I know I’m lucky that Fourfront take such an interest in wellbeing, and as such have been incredibly supportive. I have friends who have had it a lot harder than I have so I’d love to see some kind of shift in flexibility offered to pregnant women in the workplace as you never know how your pregnancy is going to make you feel!

HR did a risk assessment which I think is probably more aimed at those women who may be more on site, but it was great to feel like I was looked after!


What tips do you have for other pregnant women in the workplace?

Tips so far would be to get a ‘Baby on Board’ badge from TfL ASAP – people are literally diving out of my way on the trains to make sure I can sit down, which is kind but also quite alarming on the occasions I forget I’m pregnant!


What are the next steps for the team and your clients?

Overall my experience has been really positive – my clients have all taken the news of my maternity leave really well, and we’ve sorted out cover early so I can handover the big projects – I’d say that is really important as I have some big projects lined up for next year and I wanted the clients to feel looked after during the handover process. My managers and colleagues have all been lovely too and comment on my growing belly every time I see them. It’s been lovely to share the journey with them.


One of the industry’s biggest events not to be missed…Clerkenwell Design Week! Did you attend?

Yes! The suppliers were all totally lovely and let me put my feet up for as long as I needed – Techo made me a special non-alcoholic cocktail at their party and Bisley ended up doing table service for me at the Gin and Tonic party on Thursday evening – haha!

I did have a few sit downs but enjoyed it overall – the weather was lovely, and it was great to see suppliers and colleagues I’ve not seen for a while. 12,500 steps on the Weds and 10,700 on the Thursday was definitely enough by Friday though! Fully planning to do the festival again next year though as I saw loads of new Mum’s and Dad’s pushing pushchairs and carrying slings and thought it would be lovely to bring the small one up and start easing myself back into work next May!”


Laura would like to thank all of her lovely colleagues and suppliers who made the day a lot easier for her by letting her put her feet up and bringing refreshments…

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