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05 Jun 2019  |  People

What is your name and job title?

Sebastian Bejan and I am one of the project coordinators at Sketch.


How do you typically start your day?

With difficulty. I am not a morning person and it shows when my alarm comes on at 6.05, which immediately gets snoozed a couple of times. I have my daily bowl of cereal, no coffee, glass of water and I am off to waste 10mins deciding what to wear.


What does a typical day look like?

Project coordination is never boring. Email inbox in the morning looks like everyone else has been working over night and even though I start at 8am, there are always people who start earlier and that is an incentive to look at my day differently. Quotes await to be created and sent, suppliers to be chased, pricelists to be rummaged through and, if all comes together nicely, orders get to be placed for our clients. But a typical day is a great day, because of the team we have and the bonds which grow ever stronger. Hopefully my jokes and riddles sprayed throughout the day make it a bit better for everyone else.


What are your main duties?

As the name suggests, I try to coordinate the project between Sales, Design, Delivery teams and Suppliers. This starts with discussing furniture options and alternatives, creating the quotes in various formats, according to the clients needs, making sure design plans are according to what we are putting forward and lastly, making sure the lead-times of products suggested are within the project programme. Of course, ordering the product, making sure it gets acknowledged as per the clients’ needs, inputting account data per each order to ensure that Accounts can invoice correctly.


What is it like working with the Sketch team?

It is the best experience of my professional life and that says a lot about the people here. There has always been support, always extra effort, always extra time, always fun. Sketch make the word "team" actually mean something.


What are your clients like to work with?

They are always right. I have always believed that, regardless of whether other people agree or don’t. They call, they email, they meet us and that is the sign of someone that wants to work with you. As soon as they stop doing that, you are in trouble. So thank you for saying what you need, what you disagree with, what costs too much, what is good value, what looks good and what doesn’t.


What is your favourite part of the working day?

The morning would be my favourite. I find it relaxing, sometimes, to be able to organise what I need to do during the rest of the workday and the morning is the time to take advantage of that since not too many people are in at 8am. I think it’s nice to be here already when someone else comes in. They can tell you their uncensored thoughts on tube/train commute!


What is your biggest frustration?

Being an introvert, probably the biggest frustration comes from the fact that had I expressed my views on certain things, the frustration could have been avoided to begin with, because talking always helps. Thinking it only instead of saying it out loud has never gone well for me and experience shows that I need to change. So change I shall.


How do you like to unwind after a hard day?

There is a VW commercial called Nightdriving, probably 10 years old. That is my relaxation.

Go out in the car and just drive.

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