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09 Sep 2019  |  People

What is your name and job title?

My name is Sally Rice and I am the Operations Director at Sketch Studios.


How do you typically start your day?

My alarm usually goes off scarily early as I live in Farnham in Surrey so it’s quite a long journey. I try to make the most of my commute by reading or listening to a podcast. I usually wait to have breakfast at work which can either be in our London office or at our warehouse near Heathrow then I usually spend the first part of my day catching up with the team and seeing how everyone is. 


What does a typical day look like?

I don’t have a typical day really - meetings always feature quite heavily be it with suppliers, team members or clients. Usually my days are quite a mix of emails, reporting, training and meetings, but I like the variety!


What are your main duties?

As Operations Director my main responsibilities are looking after our systems, processes and suppliers and striving for continual improvement in all three. In reality I help Sketch in most areas of the business including finance, marketing and large accounts; just don’t ask me to update a CAD plan!!


What is it like working with the Sketch team?

Well I’ve been at Sketch for nearly eleven years so it’s pretty much my second home! The fabulous team I get to work with every day are one of the main reasons why I have  worked here for so long. Everyone genuinely cares about each other, the company and doing their best - as a Director I can’t ask for more than that.


What are your clients like to work with?

We are lucky at Sketch in so far that we have some clients that are great to work with - I say with instead of for as we have learnt as much from some of them over the years as they have from us which always helps us to improve. The fact we have such a high % of repeat clients is testament to the great work that our sales and account managers do in building relationships. 


What is your favourite part of the working day?

I’m very passionate about continually learning so I enjoy spending time with our suppliers be it a Monday morning update, a lunch and learn or a showroom visit. We are fortunate in so far that we have some wonderful suppliers to work with and learn from. 


What is your biggest frustration?

Never getting enough sleep and too many office treats always around  - my resistance to a Crispy Kreme is pretty much zero!!


How do you like to unwind after a hard day?

I should say going for a run as I’m training for the 2020 London marathon but it’s more likely to be with a G&T and Netflix!!

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