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02 Aug 2017  |  People

In this post we take a look at a ‘Day in the Life of’ Contracts Manager, Tom Kernoghan to find out what it takes to ensure client satisfaction and a smooth delivery. 

How do you typically start your day?

It depends on where I’m going to be for the day but I generally start my days off with a 5am run or gym session. If I’m in the London office and not at a client’s project, then it will take me about an hour on the train from Reading. I like to use this time to get a jump start and prepare for the day ahead. Once I’m in the office I’ll have a cup of tea, a nice bowl of cereal and I’m ready for the day ahead!

What does your typical day look like?

No two days are ever the same, I’m currently working on the Deloitte account, so my days are based around their project requirements. Typically speaking I’ll come in to the office in the morning then I’ll go to site to ensure everything is progressing smoothly and then back to the office again in the afternoon. I manage accounts all over the country so I maybe in London one day and Cambridge the next. I also get out to our warehouse in Colnbrook to check products that are due to be delivered to site and liaise with the delivery team in regards to planning logistics and onsite deliveries.

What are your main duties?

As a Contracts Manager, my main duties include ensuring a smooth delivery and client satisfaction.  A lot of planning goes on behind the scenes to ensure a successful project. From picking the right team for the job to pricing and logistics, there is a fair amount of paperwork, site visits and meetings involved. Our Excellence in Delivery initiative starts from the first meeting and I aim to deliver a seamless customer experience all the way through to sign off.

What is it like working with the Contracts team?

I’ve been in the industry since I was 15 years old when I got my first part time job, I’m now 29 and can safely say that I work with the most fantastic team. It’s one of the few companies where the whole team support and look out for each other rather than just worrying about their individual role and responsibilities. You are made to feel like a part of the family from day one and although we all have our own part to play you know you have the whole team supporting you.

What is it like working for Sketch ?

Sketch has got a fantastic reputation in the industry for doing the right thing by their clients, so its brilliant to work for a company with such a respected name. As soon as you start you know you’re made to feel a part of the family and everyone is so welcoming you feel like you’ve been part of the furniture (pun intended) for years!

How do you unwind after a long day?

More exercise! You will either find me on a football or cricket pitch it’s my way of relaxing after a big day, I love to stay active and I’m also a Well-being Champion for the FFG Wellness initiative.

I also love to cook, although I’m not sure I’m very good at it – anything sweet is my speciality!

Favourite part of the day?

As we are such a close team, Sketch put on a lot of group lunches which is great. I love it when the whole team is together as it gives you a chance to catch up with people who you don’t work with on a daily basis.

Working with a major account – project delivery is key, a happy client makes a happy Contracts Manager!

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