Storage and warehousing

We can cover any scale of storage

You may have furniture you don't have any use for right now, or new items you don't have the space for right away.

We have a regional network of secure warehousing facilities so we can accommodate any scale of storage for you, and our main warehouse in Surrey is completely secure and controlled by a sophisticated electronic storage system, ensuring we have complete control over stock.

“Our warehouse is the perfect place to store your furniture – we can take care of it so it’s one thing less for you to worry about!”

Craig Bailey, Operations Manager
at  Sketch Studios 

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We can help free up space and store furniture, equipment or items you're not currently using. Our team will carefully dismantle or pack them, move them in our vehicles and store them in our secure facilities.

If you don’t need your old furniture, we can help you donate it to a charity. We've helped many good causes over the years and know those who may really appreciate something you no longer need.

Let us find something wonderful for you. Contact Sketch today...

Our latest work in Storage and warehousing

The Clubhouse

Case study:
Furniture | Storage and warehousing | Boardroom | Collaboration | Front of House | Professional Services
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