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Creating unique, happy and healthy workplaces

Every office design should help staff naturally collaborate, interact and knowledge-share. It should also support their wellbeing.

Designing your office layout and providing furniture which supports this is crucial for every business. If you start here, you’ll end up in the right place.

“Our design team will create the perfect space for you and your company.”

Lee Horsman, Head of Design
at  Sketch Studios 

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The first step is us spending time with you to fully understand your business, people, challenges and objectives. How do you use the space you have? How could you better use the space? What's missing?

From start to finish we can provide a fully integrated range of tailored solutions and services to take away the potential headache and help us get to where we need to be. We'll make sure it's fun along the way too.

Let us find something wonderful for you. Contact Sketch today...

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Roper Rhodes

Case study:
Furniture | Design services | Breakout/Café Space | Front of House | Meeting Room | Task Seating | Workstations | Property & Construction


Case study:
Furniture | Design services | Collaboration | Front of House | Pods | Task Seating | Workstations | Media & Marketing
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