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Sketch launch new Co-Working RIBA CPD

22 May 2017  |  Co-working

Sketch are delighted to announce our new RIBA approved CPD on Co-Working.

The number of co-working spaces across the globe has been steadily increasing year on year, and is predicted to reach one million by 2018.

This CPD intends to give attendees a closer insight to an occupied co-working space through a half-day workshop.

‘Understanding a Co-Working Space’ is more than simply a presentation. As well as gaining an introduction to the concept of co-working and an understanding of how this rapidly growing industry is developing, this experience also allows you to spend time in a co-working space and gain a personal perspective.

Managing Director of Sketch, Jon Odey, said: “We are excited to present this new and unique CPD. Co-working is a booming phenomenon, and we want to share our own experiences of both working in a co-working space, and creating co-working spaces for our clients.”

The CPD is featured in RIBA’s May 2017 showcase, to read more, click here

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