Sneak peek of London Design Festival 2017

22 Sep 2017  |  Design  |  Trends

Now in its 15th year, London Design Festive (LDF) is in full swing at various venues across the city establishing London as the design capital of the world. Sally Rice, Operations Director at Sketch Studios, gives us trade access insight into what to expect at London’s biggest design festival.

100% Design at Olympia

100% Design is the UK’s largest trade show for architects and designers and is the commercial heart of LDF. So it surprised me that this year the area dedicated to contract furniture wasn’t overwhelmingly large. Interestingly however some of our suppliers chose to exhibit in the Interiors section which highlights the continuing trend of blurring the lines between workplace and residential. Other emerging trends to watch include furniture catered towards providing personal space, such as booths and pods and the increasing number of collaborations between furniture and fabric manufactures.

There certainly seemed to be a heavy focus on electrical and lighting in various formats this year, with supplier such as Evoline and CMS standing out.

The main sponsor Framery had a very impressive stand to showcase their acoustic booths and we were also impressed with the new table range from William Hands.

Design Junction at Granary Square

Design Junction is improving year on year in terms of manufacturer representation, industry attendance and peripheral support (we particularly liked the Campari barge!).

Morgan, Norr 11 and Icons of Denmark with their installation of GRID (albeit smaller than last year!) all had impressive displays. Other highlights include the lighting from Tala which is British made and boast the world’s largest blubs with a filament that matches the Fibonacci sequence, and the 24-carat gold chair from Lammhults!

The Cubitt building where the majority of the contract furniture is focused was busy and it was great to see a number of familiar faces. Events such as LDF give Sketch a chance to foster relationships with manufacturers that perhaps do not have a London presence, gives us insight into emerging trends and keeps us up to date with new products as well as maintaining the great relationships that we have in the industry

Thank you LDF for the opportunity to be inspired, catch up with industry friends and continue to expand our knowledge. We will be back next year!

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