#SketchAtCDW17 Diary Day 2

24 May 2017  |  Design  |  Future of the workplace  |  News

by Gareth Van Zyl, Sketch Senior Designer

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 has been a showcase of innovation, style and wellbeing, with talks on "smartworking" from Orangebox giving an insight into the ever changing face of the office, and how the furniture industry has a responsibility to ensure that the solutions we are providing are not only adaptable, but also enhance the wellbeing of those using the space.

This is a challenge that continues to push the boundaries of how we use the typical office space. With the average area of space allocated to employees being halved in the last 20 years, it has meant that furniture is having to work harder for clients in terms of flexibility and adaptability. This trend is prominent throughout Clerkenwell with a host of furniture suppliers displaying a number of informal breakout settings with acoustic properties.

While this solution is providing an answer to the problem of the ever decreasing office space and allowing employees to collaborate more easily, care needs to be paid to the effect that these have on the surrounding staff who are located nearby in the open plan office who can become easily distracted with the noise that these informal meeting points generate. 

This takes you on to the next big talking point of Clerkenwell this year – wellbeing. Wellbeing is the combination of physical, social and psychological impacts that a person faces on a daily basis, which means that it is no longer just the assumption of wellbeing being directly linked to physical health.

Design Fields was worth the visit this year with a number of suppliers such as ob&b and laCividina displaying stand out pieces which were not only well crafted, but very functional. 

To sum up, Clerkenwell has seen a large showing of the current Scandinavian trend that is becoming hugely popular now, bridging that gap between the residential and commercial spaces. Already looking forward to CDW 2018!

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