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09 Apr 2018  |  Tech  |  Design  |  Future of the workplace

With agile working environments becoming the design norm of today, furniture must adapt to the changing needs of todays and future requirements of workplace. There is greater demand on the moveable aspects of the workplace, as such “furniture” needs to not only be flexible and provide more than one function but meet the multiple demands from users and the tasks they need to complete. At Sketch we’re raising the bar of office furniture.

Imagine you’re a CEO of a company and your classic 1980s dreary and unproductive office space is in dire need of a refurbishment. You understand that your staff struggle with uncomfortable seating as well as the lack of informal meeting spaces. They also eat at their desk – gross!

Worst of all, many leave the office to visit Val’s mediocre coffee shop across the road to have meetings. A change in the work environment and creating multifunctional spaces will be the answer to solve these cultural issues.

However, you’ve just been handed the receipt for the refurb and “furniture” is simply a cost. There is no description, no insight, and no solution to your issues. It is also the largest cost – you’re dying for some help to get your refurb on the road. Futureproofing your business is incredibly necessary in this economic climate.

At Sketch Studios, as workplace design consultants, we put furniture at the top of your list of priorities from the beginning of the design process. We provide detail and description to make the value of furniture come alive and provide solutions to your furniture issues that are giving your staff a headache. So your staff will finally stop going over the road and use all aspects of what the office can provide.

Furniture in your new high spec office will be flexible; innovative ways of using these spaces will be help your staff come up with fresh ideas that will challenge established norms in your industry.

Breakout spaces which can be used as both informal and formal areas are an example of this. Sofas that can be stacked in many different ways, for instance to create a small wall, can allow for a more private and formal discussion to take place – something a set of sofas in a corner usually don’t allow for.

Complementing these breakout areas with an interactive LCD screen, superfast WIFI and controllable air and lighting management allow for this section to be as flexible as your staff need.

Having lighting that can adapt to the its surroundings encourages natural senses throughout the day; for example breakfast news on the screen with blue lighting during a team catch up, creates the perfect ambience for the start of the day.

Moreover, access to speedy internet means that the area can be suitable to morning informal catch ups as well as afternoon strategy meetings.

All this in a relaxed, modern and comfortable design. Staff will be bringing their tea here to chat, not buying it across the road.

Flexible design can also include putting a cosy yet ergonomic armchair with a laptop pull out table and wheels next to a window creates both a silent, relaxing area away from the buzz of an office. Its wheels can mean it can be moved so your staff can have appraisals whilst looking into distance wondering why they ever went to Val’s.

Most of all, you can have peace of mind that your investment in flexible furniture has led to workers spending more time in the office and using different environments to produce even better work than they did before.

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