Does behaviour eat process for breakfast?

07 Nov 2018  |  Productivity

On the 8th November, Sketch Studios along with its Fourfront Group sister company; Area; as well as Deloitte and Elementa will be sponsoring the Corenet Global event located at Deloitte’s new London HQ at 1 New Street Square. The title ‘Behaviour eats Process for Breakfast: Inspiring creativity and talent in the workplace’ is an interesting one for Sally Rice, Operations Director, Sketch Studios who despite working for ten years in a creative led industry is most at home with process.

Process, no one will deny is clearly necessary once a business reaches a certain size and capability but what Corenet is looking to explore is the possible sacrifice or at the least, stifling of free thinking and ingenuity at the expense of over-reliance on it.

The issues of talent attraction and retention as well as continued inventiveness have increasingly been discussed with reference to the working environment. An increase in company’s realisation that they need to offer both a different physical environment as well as attitude to their people in order to cater for the next generation of talent has led to a very different workplace emerging over the last five years.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing Kirk Vallis, Head of Creative Capability Development at Google speak. Google retains its position as the one of the ultimate tech companies to work for, proven by studies that suggest it receives in excess of 2,000,000 applications each year. This is due in no short part for its attitude to its workers: flexible hours, flexible working environment, catering to their every need from a gym and dry cleaning on site to free food to the fact that many employees are encouraged to move between teams and departments. This environment and top down demonstrated behaviour of flexibility are definitely key drivers not only of its continued ease to attract talent but of commercial success and demonstrated originality.

For me it comes down to the balancing of two things: Process v flexibility. It will be interesting to hear if successful companies like Deloitte and Google put at least in part, some of their success down to successful management of this balancing act.

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